QUALITY - Cablaggi elettrici industriali
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ATB srl considers the realization of its Quality Management System as a work tool that provides added value to its activities and finished products through continuous improvement of its efficiency, improvement of production process and customer satisfaction.

ATB srl believes leadership, engagement and involvement of the Management are essential to the development and maintenance of an effective and efficient quality management system; For this reason, the management of the organization plays an active role in the development and improvement of the quality management system.

All those involved in the production process are aware that engagement, dedication to work and attention to detail contribute to a finished quality product. For this reason, the quality system policies are transmitted to all operators in the production chain, making them an active part of the production process.

ATB srl uses the most advanced testing equipment to ensure a defect-free product that meets the needs of customers.

Our operators are highly qualified and share ATB quality policies, which makes the production process flexible and optimized to have a high quality standard.


  • ISO 9001

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  • UL

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